e-CUSis Electronic CUStoms Information System is an TOTAL TURNKEY SOLUTION FOR CUSTOMS

This is constructing an operating platform, which takes place at national central Customs Authorities, Customs Posts that are connected to these Authorities, i.e. airports, seaports,Railway the public and private institutions that are related to the customs offices by the means of clearance document trade and international customs offices. This operating platform is used in customs clearance procedures in electronic mediums with new age EDI/XML technology or half on-line, both from the private offices and/or from customs subunits.

e-CUSis operating platform provides the on-line application software for domestic Customs Authorities, Customs Brokers, transportation companies and related importer/exporter firms in a central, and/or in a distributed database concept. It provides the public and private institutions realize other Customs Authorities operations with full or half on-line methods.

e-CUSis solution follows standards adopted by both the World Customs Organization (WCO – Revised Kyoto Convention) and World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as other global standards.It is designed to evolve with the new cross-border requirements which impact the Customs environment, including free trade agreements and regional integration.